Hi I am Alex – and I am the founder and music producer/engineer here at BYR (Bewildered Youth Recordings).

BYR was first developed developed in 2011 as a simple yet functioning mobile studio in Brighton – a means really to self-sustain my own music recordings without paying extortionate production fees elsewhere. I named it after the fractious and overwhelming (and underwhelming) political times we live in – for millennials like myself. BYR is a name, an attitude and an artistic narritive reflective to that.

Over the years through the music community – I got asked to work with friends whom heard I got my recordings on the Radio. I first got national radio play through BBC6 Music in 2012 – all with a very modest collection of mics, set up and laptop.

Overtime – I realised I relished working with people – seeing the feeling they had with the music we recorded. I’ve always been told my calm and positive ethos and my performance driven approach to recording has always been the staple of BYR recording sessions. Since that first person came in –  I haven’t really stopped working. Solo saxophonists, Fench rappers, female singer-songwriters, trumpet players – just to name a few have all been through the door – and thankfully I haven’t really looked back in terms of production work.

In more recent years, I got asked to contribute Sync work through Universal Music Production Music (UPPM) and other publishers – so it was then I decided I needed to start renting a studio space and upgrade the equipment to modernise my sound and execute my recordings to professional library requirements. Now I have the best of both worlds, still retaining my approach but sonically taking things to a professional studio level.

Balancing my love for working with people and composing/arranging commissioned work – I created BYR as a means for people to reach their musical potential by conducting recording sessions – creating dynamic and organic recordings for artists and instrumentalists.